Brian Muir
One of Canada's Top 25 Financial Planners

Upon entering the Masterful Man program, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would change my life. Prior to the program, my life was good, with a very successful career in finance and wonderful wife, children and a happy family. I had attended various other development programs and curiously felt that Sifu Singh’s program would likely complement what I had done previously. 

Well I can definitely say that I was completely wrong! 

The Masterful Man program was not like anything I expected, and it made me completely focus and define who I am and reconsider my entire human potential. I was challenged to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, and with the guidance of Sifu Singh, found that I grew in all areas of my life. 

Yes, the program required work and was not easy, but I achieved physical goals, personal life goals and business goals that had previously been unattainable. Sifu Singh provided an incredible amount of energy and selfless contribution to making sure that I became a better version of myself. 

The best part of the Masterful Man program was the enlightenment of what it takes to be masterful in all areas of life, and how this life journey only gets better by understanding who we are and what we can become. I am forever blessed and thankful to Sifu Singh for providing an opportunity to help me define and understand what it is to be masterful and how to apply that in all areas of my life. 

The best part of the program is that even though it has not ended, my enlightenment has not, and I continue to apply the program to all areas of my life. 

Bless you Sifu Singh for your love, help, assistance and dedication to helping others enrich their lives and our own personal human experience. 
Some of our Current Clients Results
Matthias hired us to see if we could beat his current Media Buyer's Cost Per Sale, and we put together brand New Video Creatives that decreased Cost Per Sale by 45%!
Jason was paying over $12 per lead for his webinar and he hired us to come in and crush that. 

We're currently sitting at $3.45 Cost Per Webinar Registrant, Cut His Cost Per Sale by over 75%, and our scaling this campaign up.
Emanuele had hired a brand new agency to run his Facebook Ads and they were costing him over $24 for a Webinar Registrant. Let's just say he was not impressed at the least.

Emanuele then hired us to see if we could beat his current Media Buyer and we started attaining leads for $5.35 overall.

We have built out Google Tag Manager for Emanuele's Webinar which is allowing us to create audiences of the most pre-sold prospects to run Retargeting Ads too.
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